Saturday, June 11, 2011

Allow me a small rant

I am truly tired of people writing off the USA for all kinds of reasons. I would rather blog about what I am building, growing ,catching , seeing or reading .
This morning I repaired a few tools . Maybe its my fault for where I buy my replacement parts.I opened the new parts,one was made in Mexico and the other in China.  The original tool was made in Tennessee.I wonder if the people in Tennessee still have their jobs . Why don't they make the replacement parts in Tennessee. I know its a bit myopic but I expect to get American parts for American tools.

Instead of bailing out the folks who started all this mess. How about an incentive to keep jobs here. We need jobs here at home not overseas. Who is making all the replacement parts for Iraq or Afganistan. Before I was born there were local guys machining parts for the boats that were being built in the ship yards during the war effort. .
  My other pet peeve is the cost .I replaced a bearing in a random orbital sander a few weeks back.With S&H the bearing cost me half of what it cost me for a new sander.  Enough out of me .I have to go plant some more garden

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