Monday, January 31, 2011

Use your imagination !

I probably wont get them in order.The following are the new tub platform ,the shower and the newly framed area for the sink .I must admit that the flow in the room seems better(no pun intended). The toilet was always in the way and we never framed a plumbers wall where the washer and dryer are.There has always been a problem with the dryer vent . Before the demo it had become a fire hazard. Now I have the room to hard pipe the vent to the exterior wall.
The first picture shows the old dryer vent hanging down from the ceiling(upper right) .That's directly under the tub .Once the plumber moves a few pipes I can now hard pipe it to the outside.
In the last photo you can see the shop vac in the lower left. That's the approximate location of the bowl.Up tight to the wall and about 14 inches off the tub .At least you can get in the tub now without tripping over the bowl.
In the old lay out there was a double sink and the bowls location looked good on paper but when it went in it was much to close to one of the sinks.Of course that was my sink so I could do 2 out of the three S's with no problem at all.:-)

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