Monday, January 10, 2011

Let the Games Begin

It only made sense to pull down the ceiling and check all the plumbing before redoing the kitchen.Until last week I had untreated well water with the pH of about vinegar running through the plumbing. I bought a water treatment system .
While I'm at it I gutted the master bath directly above the kitchen today. Will rearrange the fixtures. Make the shower bigger ,new bowl ,sink and tile.As of today will reuse the old tub . I don't know about
Had to move the ceiling fan new fixtures are going over the island .Plumber and electrician will be here next week to do the rough .I'll do the finish.


TomW said...

THAT was a lot of labor.

I doubt you hurt any of the pipes I saw in your pictures with the well water. Good thing none of them were of the iron variety.


crowldawg said...

At least the tub doesn't look like it is filled with tidy bowl any longer.