Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tool Chest continued

The chest was badly water and oil stained. Its waiting for a delivery of oxalic acid and some hide glue.The hide glue will be used to glue in new felt in the bottom of each drawer and the top.That way the glue will not rust the metal bottoms.
With oxalic acid ,I hoping to bleach the wood to a consistent color.Then I will either apply linseed oil and a shellac finish or a stain and a satin poly .I'm hoping the first choice works I will of course test it on some scape pieces.

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crowldawg said...

Bleached it with the oxalic acid .Looked great . Decided to neutralize the acid with a baking soda solution.OOOOPS!!!!! It turned the beautifully bleached wood black .
Waiting for some more acid.