Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Modern art; They all see something different

I haven't posted much lately because all I have been doing is going to doctors .Last Weds. I went to see a neurosurgeon because everything seemed to indicate that all the pain I have been in was the result of something wrong in the back .My MRI was taken in late March . They took pictures of my back and hips .They found compression fractures ,herniated discs and an arthritic spur .The hip didn't look so great either .
When the orthopedic guy, the same guy that scoped my knee about 5 years ago looked at the pics he said that the hips had plenty of life left in them .He wrote the scripts for the PT and the first set of epidurals.
Nothing happened!!!
The neurologist found the spur and prescribed more shots to the back
Nothing happened !!!
After the last set of shot's, The pain management guy said he had run out of shots and sent me to a neurosurgeon
It took 6 weeks to see the doctor and 5 minutes in his office for him to tell me there was nothing wrong with my back that needed an operation. He is sending me to his orthopedic surgeon .So next Weds. I meet with doctor number six and hope he can come up with a plan
I'm getting calluses on my bottom from sitting around so much .
Hopefully I'll be able to go back to work soon.


Frank Yensan said...

acupuncture... you need to seek it out. seriously brother acupuncture will relieve some of the discomfort you are feeling. It will not heal wore out bones and discs, but it will relieve the discomfort you are feeling.

crowldawg said...

Frank ,
I'll give this guy next weds one shot .Then I'll try anything