Sunday, June 22, 2008

So much for being Green

When I bought the new cork floor the manufacturer recommended using a water based adhesive .I told the sales girl that I was not pleased with these adhesives.
I was told that the industry had made great strides improving the glues .The government was making everyone use water based glues to cut down on VOC's
Well I'm not sure if the photo shows much but the brand new floor buckled and let go by the door .Granted it got a little wet during one of those deluges we had upstateat Drumlin Knolls but the glue should of held .
I'm going to try it one more time and if it still comes loose ,I'll have to use my stash of oil based glue .I feel like Kermit


Frank Yensan said...

You know me Tom, I am a card carrying, tree hugging, hippie, but brother, that stuff is shit. Use the good stuff and inhale some off gasses. It does the brain good and it stays put. That girl sold you a smile and a product that does not work as it is billed. Next thing I know you will be using water based laquer and cats will be sleeping with dogs and pigs will be flying from my arse.

crowldawg said...

You are absolutely right .I'm going to dig out some urethane based adhesive and ask the green gods to forgive me.

crowldawg said...

I still haven't gotten to the first 2 that popped .Afew more have let go between mt frig and the front gaucho .It's a place where the sun beats down on the floor all day

TomW said...

Funny, I thought I was the only one who stashed the good stuff.

crowldawg said...

I'm afraid to look at what I have. The EPA may need the superfund to clean every thing up .lol
All the popped tiles have been glued down .
From my experience I wouldn't use bondo for dash patch again.
All the tiles popped where I used it