Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It just rained like Hail

About and hour ago I noticed a small isolated cell of thunderstorms coming down the sound on the U. S. Weather Services radar web site from Upton , Long Island. About a half an hour later it got dark as hell and the wind picked up . Within a few minutes it was thunder and lightning all around the place .The squall lasted about 10 min. I really didn't pay much attention until it was all over .I was getting up to get a drink of water and just happen to look outside .The deck was covered with 1/4 inch hailstones.
To some readers that may not seem unusual, but being surround by water on 3 side I rarely getor see hail .In fact the last time I saw hail personally was almost 40 years ago to the day when I was going over a mountain just outside of Oneonta NY on my way home after my last final.
For those old enough I had a car at the time that had wipers that worked off vacuum .In other words when one was accelerating or putting a strain on the motor,they didn't work.
I hope this ice hasn't damaged my tomatoes. I'll look in the AM

Well I looked in the AM, the tomatoes were smashed. I probably lost about 6 plants =25%of the crop
The G/T had no new dents ,I don't think the hail stones were big enough.


Collin said...

Yeah, my parents just sent me pictures of their tomatoes after the mini hail storm. They grow like crazy - prob will be alright. Last time I saw hail on Long Island I was in 5th or 6th grade. Cool.

crowldawg said...

Now I know I'm not crazy .I thought the phone would be bouncing off the hook once everyone saw their lawns covered with 2 inches of ice

Syd said...

Any dents in the camper? By the way when camping what would it sound like in side the Air Stream during a hail storm?

crowldawg said...

No obvious dents to the Globetrotter.
I would imagine it would sound like you we on the inside of a Jiffy-POP popcorn popper