Thursday, June 26, 2008

60's poster art

I have been a big fan of R Crumb since he did the cover of "Cheap Trills" oh so many years ago .I borrowed this picture for my avatar but for some reason it never is very clear
For those of you who don't know what "Cheap Trills " is it was the first commercially successful album for Big Brother and the Holding Company .It featured a litle known singer outside of the San Fransisco area named Janis Joplin.
I remember being at a party with a bunch of friends and Jack Baroden brought that album .We played it all night long
Another famous poster artist from the 60's was Alton Kelly .He passed away a few weeks ago .Stanley Mouse is still with us but Rick Griffin is gone too.He is the artist who brought us Murph, from Surfer magazine ,as well as some of the the greatest poster art of that very short era. Many of the pictures I'm posting are nameless because I don't know how to give them credit .I do know that Crunb came up with the idea for keep on trucking .All these guys at one time or another did something for the Grateful Dead ,A band that I have a mild affection
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

So much for being Green

When I bought the new cork floor the manufacturer recommended using a water based adhesive .I told the sales girl that I was not pleased with these adhesives.
I was told that the industry had made great strides improving the glues .The government was making everyone use water based glues to cut down on VOC's
Well I'm not sure if the photo shows much but the brand new floor buckled and let go by the door .Granted it got a little wet during one of those deluges we had upstateat Drumlin Knolls but the glue should of held .
I'm going to try it one more time and if it still comes loose ,I'll have to use my stash of oil based glue .I feel like Kermit

The 1966 Dometic "flintstone" model

I know I have posted these Pics a few times before but they are up here celebrating the fact that I have gotten the frig to work beautifully whether I use electric at the house and propane on the road .
People have a hard time believing you can chill your food with a flame .Take my word for it "Its Chillin " maybe even "Boogie Chillin " for all you John Lee Hooker fans
It gets it name I'm sure because of the fact that you can start the propane by opening the front cover opening the gas valve and then spinning an 18" rod that has a wheel on the end of it that rubs up against a zippo lighter flint .Pooof it light up and the beverages are getting cold

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It just rained like Hail

About and hour ago I noticed a small isolated cell of thunderstorms coming down the sound on the U. S. Weather Services radar web site from Upton , Long Island. About a half an hour later it got dark as hell and the wind picked up . Within a few minutes it was thunder and lightning all around the place .The squall lasted about 10 min. I really didn't pay much attention until it was all over .I was getting up to get a drink of water and just happen to look outside .The deck was covered with 1/4 inch hailstones.
To some readers that may not seem unusual, but being surround by water on 3 side I rarely getor see hail .In fact the last time I saw hail personally was almost 40 years ago to the day when I was going over a mountain just outside of Oneonta NY on my way home after my last final.
For those old enough I had a car at the time that had wipers that worked off vacuum .In other words when one was accelerating or putting a strain on the motor,they didn't work.
I hope this ice hasn't damaged my tomatoes. I'll look in the AM

Well I looked in the AM, the tomatoes were smashed. I probably lost about 6 plants =25%of the crop
The G/T had no new dents ,I don't think the hail stones were big enough.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Drumlin Knolls

This was the Globetrotters first trip since we brought it home from Florida in March.I haven't really done anything on it since then, except the new A/C and Fantastic exhaust fans .We stayed at my good friend Carl's farm just outside of Oneonta ,New York .We all attended a 40th reunion at our Alma Mater .We really had a great time .Too bad more people didn't attend. They missed a great time
She pulled beautifully and even with record breaking temps and a few torrential down pours She held up well.The A/C kept us more then comfortable on the 2 days when the temps were in the 90's
The rain sensors worked .Every time it started to rain the vent cover close automatically
The down side is that with the present cost of diesel, it costs me $25.00 /hr to pull it .I hope thing get better .Otherwise it's going to be short trips like this one .To tow it any long distances will be about $250/day .I read somewhere that airstream owners spend about a half a year on the road .Even if I spent 100 days on the road I figured that that would cost me between $15,000 to $20,000 .I better get my back fixed so I can go back to work and fatten up the diesel fund

the fig tree

Its been in that tub since last summer .It survived the winter in the Garage along with 2 others .I hope I get a few figs this year .I'll just have to wait and see

the walk to work II

The walk to work hasn't gotten any longer ,just a few more plants .The second one is our New Dawn rose that grows at the end of the walk .Its one of the few places that still gets enough sunlight .The trees are really starting to shade everything out