Monday, February 25, 2008

things are coming together

No pictures today .I was covered with 40yrs of grime after scraping the chassis and prepping it for paint.I picked up the trailer this AM.The guy that did the welding did a beautiful job .Got a phone call from metal fabricator , the metal we need for the belly is in .I'm going to run those pieces over to him in the AM. Then start painting the frame with POR-15 .Gets a lot of positive press .will have to see how it holds up
Checked the holding tank to day .It Leaks .I hope its nothing serious .I want to have the belly on by the end of the week. Otherwise I'm not out of here by next week.
W J Mills and Co called ,the cushions need some final measurement and the gauchos are here not there .They are also in about 20 pieces.
The cork flooring arrives on Weds. I have to put this in before every thing goes back into the Globetrotter.
There will be some late nights this week

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