Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random shots

Not all Florida is a parking lot. This was on a beach in Yankeetown. Nothing but beach and mangroves for miles.
If you zoom in on the real estate sign you'll see its not cheap either. 25x100 for $160,000.This lot was at the end of the business district on Cedar Key .It reminded me a lot of the east end when I was a kid.Sort of a mix of Montauk,Greenport,and New Suffolk.
I could spend my winters here .
We stopped to talk to some guy who was loading up his flats boat to head south because it was 38 that morning.He told me that only certain people can live in Cedar Key --Yea?
They have to enjoy eating clams ,fishing and drinking beer.I said that I would have no problem with any of that .I told him that I had to give one of them up and it wasn't fishing!!

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syd said...

I thought you wanted to spend your winters up state on an old farm.

crowldawg said...

You know who will never go up state.
I miss my fires and chopping wood but this has been quit pleasant wetherwise
Cedar Key was absolutely beautiful. Nothing pretentous. A minimum of MacMansions.
As I said it reminded me of the east end 40 to 50 yrs ago
"You can never go home again" But we are going to hit the road in 2 weeks .See you on the way home tc