Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The hack

On top of the fact that my hip is getting worse I have a miserable cold .I may have to go to the doctors for both if I don't get better soon.

There is nothing worse than a reformed drunk, ex smoker .I know I'm a pain in the ass!!

I have been the guest of my brother-in law and Pat's sister Coni .Everything was fine until the girls showed up . I feel like I can't see anyone in the evening with all the smoke the three of them produce .

Oh well I'll just have to watch you tube and play Jerry Garcia's rendition of Smoke Get's in Your Eyes , few more times .

I don't mind the eyes its just that my lungs hurt .Maybe that's just from the cold ?

On a lighter note I had the oil in the truck changed today.It was 1500 miles overdue.I guess I should have changed it before I left .I also picked up the new AC/heat pump for the camper.

The Globe trotter is off to the welders tomorrow .That's when all work on the vehicle comes to a halt for a few days .I'm also am going to buy a few new tires now that the new rims are here

I hope its only a few days!

In the mean time Vinny and I will do some work on his dock and see what we can do with the gauchos now that they are all over the garage

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