Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The downhill run

Left my house in Orient on the 29th .It took 2 days to get the parts in for the tow package for the trip south
Got them put on the 30 and left for Florida at 5AM in the morning .After 13 hrs of driving ,Vinny and I decided to drive on through .21 hours was the ETA .Around 7:30 with the rain coming down and my co pilot sleeping I blew a tire on the trailer .They were brand new .
By time I got off the road the tire and rim were both shot .I have a suspicion that the 42 year old rim let go ,not the tire.
I had neglected to check the air pressure of the spare after I went around the rig and checked all 6 tires .
We put the spare on and there was about 5 lbs. of pressure in the tire .I learned something that night .IT TAKES 1 HOUR TO DRIVE 5 MILES WHEN THE SPEEDOMETER READS 5MPH .Got off and filled up the spare and then drove another 6 hrs on that piece of crap spare
Called Inland RV in California the next day .Now I'm waiting to get a new axle and 2 new rims shipped to me in Florida .
I was hoping to put off putting a new axle on for awhile but as long as I put new rims on I decided to shoot the moon
Sorry no pictures till the next post .the camera arrives from home tomorrow

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