Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Belly Reduction

Not mine ,the trailers!!
I have been reading blogs and other peoples web sites for over a year regarding restoring the Globe trotter. Most people just show a few picture or make some terse statement regarding removing the trailers belly .
It sucks to say the least. I must have drilled out 500 rivets while lying on the new Sears crawler that I purchased today .
Nobody mentions all the crap that accumulates between the floor and the belly .
I have a half of garbage can full of mouse memorabilia that I swept off the garage floor .The belly is down . We will evaluate the chassis and wiring tomorrow.
Then its going to a local welder(s) to get the tail end replaced .Then I'll paint it with POR 15 .POR 15 is a air cured product that chemically adheres to the steel and prevents it from corroding .The next steps will be decided after they welder has a look at the vehicle

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