Monday, January 14, 2008


The military may have the pentagon but this is mission control for me .I can spend hours sitting at that bench working on all sorts of things and finishing nothing . I bought that lathe a few years ago to make my own fishing plugs .I have enough blanks turned for the rest of my life . A lot of guys use all sorts of exotic woods for their plugs .The species that everyone seems to be looking for is Alaskan yellow cedar.I use what ever is left over at a job site .Mostly doug fir and western red cedar. The price is right!
I have always been a frugal sort of a guy but as I get older I would say frugality is becoming an obsession.I find my self pulling wood out of the dumpster as fast as my sons throw it in . That how I got all that Mahogany that I mentioned in an earlier post.
Years ago I was doing some work on a porch for a couple well into their 80's .The husband had been a carpenter in his day and was suffering from Alzheimer's. He didn't say much but he walked around the yard picking up all the nails I had dropped each day .I figured that he had come up at a time when the nails where probably the most expensive commodity on the job.
No he never gave me any of the nails back and I never asked him for them either .I guess there was still a burning ember left in that head of his.

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