Sunday, April 30, 2017

THUG LIFE. A BMW R nineT Tracker from Argentina’s Vida Bandida -

THUG LIFE. A BMW R nineT Tracker from Argentina’s Vida Bandida - It seems that BMW's R nineT has become the modern equivalent of Yamaha's SR500 in its never-ending ability to look good customised. Whether it be a cafe racer, enduro, bobber, or some other beautiful creation, the boxer from Bavaria seems to have a genetic resistance to looking bad. It's also become a rite of passage for shops looking to hit the big time; if you can take on a 9T and make a splash, it seems like your going places. And needless to say that tonight's bike is just that. Here's Argentina's Vida Bandida with their new R nineT tracker they call ‘The Bandit’.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Early vegetables

Grew the spinach and chard in tunnels .They were planted Christmas eve .The garlic was planted in late november under heavy mulch

New Cart

I'm getting to old and sore to push my wheel barrow up and down the hill. So I broke down and bought a cart to pull along behind garden tractor.  Which by the way has new paint on it,The whole back end was down to metal. The JD green has been falling off since day one. It only took about 4 hrs to assemble the cart once I found the right clamps to make the parts line up

Otis Taylor - Hey Joe

3 Acre Food Forest - Agroforestry Project Gulf Coast Florida

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Son Volt - Open All Night

Well at 5 a.m. oil pressure's sinking fast

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

BeautifulNativePlants: Bountiful Buttonbush

BeautifulNativePlants: Bountiful Buttonbush: Buttonbush, ( Cephalanthus occidentalis ), is a native shrub that gets high marks for its usefulness to wildlife. It’s also a personal favo...

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Island Earth

Be Not Content

I liked The Whole Earth Catalog part of the 60/70s better.

be not content

Life of a Clam Digger

Back when I was much younger.


Fire Island Seashore has saved whatever is left of that once beautiful place.Sandy took out some beach and people were up in arms.The main island hasn't sunk yet and the added water has helped rejuvenate a once very productive bay.

Woodsongs Get Together with Jorma Kaukenon

Saw Banana and the Youngbloods backin 68-69. Jorma about 10X.

Everybody Lives Downstream .