Sunday, November 27, 2011


I didn't think to take pictures of the garage door spring after it launched itself across the garage at the speed of light.
The cable had broken weeks ago but a recuperating hip replacement kept me from repairing until yesterday.There appeared to be enough extra cable to reuse the old cable . I guess it was a bit to short because when I closed the door after the first repair the U-bolt broke and the spring went flying into the front of the garage.
Its a 9 foot door so it looked again like I needed 13-14 ft . I bought 16 ft of 1/8 galvanized cable and a new 1/4 in. U-bolt.Now with the extra cable I was able to adjust the spring pulley assembly to match the other side.  The spring seems fine even though it looked like a abused slinky when I picked it up off the floor late yesterday.  The parts cost me about 20 bucks. and i was done in less than an hour

Yesterday I was working on it for 3-4 just to save a buck. Oh well I guess I will never learn.


TomW said...

I haven't learned either so to speak - You did what I would have done.

We both know you most likely have a better repair than would have been done had you called someone.


crowldawg said...

Those springs have always made me a little nervous. This is not my first door but it is my first projectile.
When the door is closed they are close to 6 ft long .That's a lot of potential energy.

crowldawg said...

I fixed the S hook connection to the rail. Everything works smoothly now.