Thursday, March 31, 2011

I need a little imput

For the three or 4 people who read this stuff I have a dilemma. The old cabinets as you can see from earlier posts were white.It looks like they will be white again( some shade of).
Here is the big question. Paint today is not the paint of the past.I want to put the most durable finish I can buy without having to evacuate the house for a week or getting an EPA permit.
The original finish was some kind of white poly .I have kind of ruled out latex even though most web sites say it will do.I'm leaning toward Ben.Moore White High Gloss Impervo enamel. The old guys used to add a little poly to their enamels ?????
I have considered a 2 part poly base boat enamel but I have never used it on any thing including a boat.
So all suggestions are welcome.
Prep will be standard sanding and filling. At least 3 coats sanded down to 400 between coats,etc.


Collin said...

I was always partial to staining. Eh, get the toxic stuff and set up 3 big fans with the doors open.

crowldawg said...

I want to get the toxic stuff .I just don't know how toxic. Straight oil paint , soup it up with some secret ingredients or the boat paint.

TomW said...

The two-part stuff is most likely the only paint that will have the durability you're looking for.

I wanted an oil-base paint for the last set of cabinets painted, and was unable to find any. Everyone kept telling me that modern-day latex is "just about as good". It isn't.

And just to moan more, I quit buying nice brushes because the latex dries on the brush during even small efforts.