Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have been asked what I am using to make these doors. My trusty post war 10 in Craftsman ( with a new 1 HP Baldor). I think its about as old as me. Various miter boxes. A 6 " joiner and a small router table. I am borrowing my sons router table so once I get every thing set up I won't have to change bits as often


TomW said...

Two router tables are simply the cat's meow. I did the same thing many moons ago when I had a really big mortise & tenon job (one table cleaned up the mortises after a round at the drill press.

I've still got my original Craftsman router & table from 1978, but its 1/4 inch spindle will not handle the bits the big table will.

Now that I think about it, that's probably why I'm dragging my feet on the three doors I need to make - changing setups is a biach...


crowldawg said...

I'll put that big bit in my son's set up.Better fence and a bigger motor.
I actually though about using a table saw to make the panels but the "Big Boss" voted for the ogee profile.
I'll have bags of saw dust for my blueberries when I'm done with this one. ;-)

crowldawg said...

The bit in the router is the one I'm using to detail the perimeter of the door. Not found in a standard door making kit.