Friday, February 25, 2011

Joiner Setup

I replaced the joiner blades as the final set up before the cabinet run. I watched all kinds of video where guys used dial indicators with magnetic jigs. I set it up the old fashion way with a pencil and a piece of wood. It took way to long to get the baldes out.After a few cut fingers and one false hope that I was done which left the blades about 1/32 too low .I think I finally have it dialed in.
The flash seems to have obscured the pencil marks on the oak .Hopefully one gets the idea. I checked each blade(3) in three places. I also learned that the small screws on the left of the barrel should not be touched until you are ready for the final adjustment .I bottomed them out to get the blades out .BIG MISTAKE!!!


TomW said...

I really dislike changing out jointer & planer blades. You think you have them jussst right, and then after the screws are tightened.. Argh!

I just finished planing 25 bd-ft of maple, and after way too many shallow passes, it looks like it is time for a blade change.

Since hope springs eternal, I'll start with a touch-up before swapping blades.


crowldawg said...

I have used this machine for nothing but jointing stock. I had moved the fence all the way across the blades and constantly ran a small diamond stone over them when I was done.They owe me nothing. I had to finally change them .
Now when I get a piece of granite I'm going to build this jig that allows me to sharpen the old blades to a razor finish using wet /dry sand paper.
Hope does spring eternal.