Friday, January 29, 2010

Mangrove snapper

20021122_140533_12483.jpg (JPEG Image, 485x244 pixels)
Not the Fly fishing experience I was hoping for.I ran into a school of these the other day caught about a dozen on a spinning pole with live shrimp

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wooden Boats

If you love boats, work in wood,or on boats this is a great way to break that cabin fever you might be having about now. I started yesterday and I'm 3/4 through it.

Great blue heron

p181821-Great_Blue_Heron.jpg (JPEG Image, 356x474 pixels)

I watched one of these beauties stalk a fish for about 10 minutes yesterday. He caught a small unidentifiable fish after a while .The interesting thing is that he didn't eat it .He held it for a few minutes then dropped it back in the water over and over again.After about 5 minutes of this ,which attracted numerous other wading birds it just walked away looking for a better meal .I guess!!!!
The day before one was gorging itself in front of the cottage eating fiddler crabs for hours.