Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gone but not forgotten

After searching the photos in my library this was the only photo I could find of my old boat .It was a 23 'center console Seaway .I bought it in 1985 .After 10 yrs of pounding the waters of eastern long island it needed new stringers as well as a few other things.Like a new motor
It was one of those projects that was always on the back burner and I realized it probably was going to stay there.
I was approached by a guy who was raising oysters about selling it .Shit I have owned it for 24 yrs and its has been sitting on blocks waiting for me for the last 10.
While I was away in Maine ,hunting ,I called the guy and told him he could have it ."How much?" "oh some oysters every so often will do."
Its gone for a half a bushel of the little gems.After all these yrs it was either spend 10 or 15 thousand or let it go .My sons wanted to cut it up and actually offered to pay for the dumpster .
I now have 5 quarts of oyster stew and a little more room in the drive.Hopefully by spring she'll be back on the bay .Now I'll just be roaming the beaches
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Frank's Trailer Works said...

sounds like an excellent trade to me....

crowldawg said...

In retrospect it wasn't bad .
I gave it away for a mere "I gave it away for a mere "bag of shells".lol

Syd said...

Wow I never, ever thought that would happen. This is the first time I've been on my blog since July. I couldn't remember my pass word