Monday, August 24, 2009

Taking Time

As mentioned in a few previous post ,this has been a busy summer.6 and 7 day weeks have been the norm since the middle of April
Tonight I took some time to just take a walk around the grounds.After a disastrous spring vegetables are growing .Actually planted a row of collard greens.Probably too late but they are in the ground
Off in the distance I heard my first Great Horned Owl of the fall(late summer).I hope he helps eradicate a few of the rabbits that have eaten through the fence around the garden and are eating all my late greens
The most important thing I noticed was that the bees were every where pollinating the raspberries .All of the bees were bumble bees .I did not see one honey bee in the hundreds that were out there.
We are putting up the nets tomorrow in the hopes of getting a few berries before the catbirds find their way in.