Wednesday, June 10, 2009

300 miles today

Left the house this AM at 6:30 to pick up a 16 passenger van in NJ.Drove 10 mile to town. Picked up the Jitney to Manhattan. 3hrs later was standing on the corner of 86th and 3rd waiting for a limo .5 min. later it took me to Little Ferry NJ to get the van.Hopped in the van drove the 120 miles back to the Shelter Island ferry .A 20 min ride later I was on the Island. Dropped off the van.Back to the ferry as a walk on .Got off the boat and walked 500 ft to my truck that I had left off 8.5 hrs earlier and was home buy 3:30
Whew!!!, that was a long day.


Syd said...

What happened to HERTZ?

crowldawg said...

I went to avis