Sunday, May 3, 2009

Its May Already?

For the few followers, I have not fallen off the face of earth.I have been busy as hell .I had to try something that has been bothering me for as long as I have been blogging.
I had to see if I could still do it .
I saw an add in the paper for a handy man .Simple enough. Light work and I could make a few Franklin's to help pay for my projects.Well I started on 4/15 and I have been working 7 days/week since I started .8 to 10 hrs. I'm sad to admit that its kicking my ass .I come home and plop my butt in the chair and don't move .
After 3 weeks I thought I would be feeling better but it will take a little more time than I thought to get back in shape ,I keep reminding myself that I sat on my ass for almost a yr.
The globetrotter is on the list to finish after I paint a few rooms .Actually my wife is painting in my absence but I have to spackle all those popped screw /nail heads and repair a few feet of loose tape.
The blues and bass are here and I'll get a birds eye view of them as they pass by the porch I'm re-screening.
Things should slow down after June .Then I'll see if I can get away to go upstate to the Vintage Trailer Jam
( to be continued)


Frank's Trailer Works said...

Tom, I am not trying to put pressure on you, but last year you promised me we would be camping together this year. I am going to hold you to that promise. I will not be at the vintage JAM, but we must get together, share some cold ones and listen to each others lies about fish and women.

crowldawg said...

Are you planning to go to norwich this season?