Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Bird Count

Christmas Bird Count
Tomorrow is the Orient bird count, Dawn till dust .I've missed the last few years .I have been doing it since 1971 .I used to do 3 /yr .This years trip to Gardiners Island was canceled because of the gale warning and the ensuing gale.
I'll be the guy driving around the neighborhood with the windows opened in the truck blasting owl calls from the tape player in the truck @5 in the morning

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crowldawg said...

a beautiful day except the wind was blowing about a steady 25 Mph .I saw 2 eagles and at one pond that was still open we saw 62 Hooded Mergansers.Hoodies are not a very common species in my neck of the woods.I was bragging how I had seen one on tuesday and then these 62 show up so much for that .