Friday, January 2, 2009

Shadow Country

History of Aripeka, Florida
The picture on the left is where I'm heading with my wife for a few months.Yes months.
Hopefully the fish aren't driven away by any cold weather .I'm leaving all tow vehicles and boats behind .
Where I'm staying is just out of the left of the picture
I'm packing my copy of Shadow Country along with 5 fishing poles .I don't know whats going to be available to me but you will probabley find me on one of the fishing bridges that lead to the island most any morning

Christmas Bird Count

Christmas Bird Count
Tomorrow is the Orient bird count, Dawn till dust .I've missed the last few years .I have been doing it since 1971 .I used to do 3 /yr .This years trip to Gardiners Island was canceled because of the gale warning and the ensuing gale.
I'll be the guy driving around the neighborhood with the windows opened in the truck blasting owl calls from the tape player in the truck @5 in the morning