Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Every couple of years I sit down and make a batch of fishing lures Mainly for my favorite pass time surfcasting .I think I made enough poppers to last me a life time a few years ago. Besides that I always buy a few lures everytime I'm a at the tackle shop.
These new ones are all swimmers .I can cast them from the beach or boat or use them for trolling winter always seems to be a good time to do this but even with heat in the shop it takes forever to dry .So what should take a day or two drags on to a week or two
These are through wired on stainless wire which prevent the hooks from pulling out .I have found a few over the years where some one just uses threaded eyes to attach the hooks when I find Them the hooks are gone
The white one with the wire through it was an old lure that I found on the beach that I drilled out and through wired .The others are ones that I turned on the lathe ,I usually use cut offs of doug fir or red cedar

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Pete said...

It's a rare man that makes his own lures these days. Good stuff.