Saturday, October 18, 2008

New AC/heat pump

Earlier in the summer Colin and I replaced the 44 yr old air conditioner with a new combination AC/Heat Pump .When i took the globetrotter to Oneonta in June we used the AC because it was 90+ for a few days .
This morning it was 46 F so I decided to test out the heat pump in the drive to see how well it worked .I can report that as long as the nights don't go below 40 and I have access to 110 we will be as snug as 2 bugs in a rug .
Now I just have to get the propane heater working correctly .It either full blast or nothing
If not I guess I'll have to buck up before we hit the road . I'm just waiting for the surgeon to lift the hip restrictions and then its back to working on the old girl full time before it gets to cold

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crowldawg said...

I just looked at a close up of the globtrotter .I have to change that refrigerator vent .Its sitting in the box,waiting