Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blitzing blues

I went to the mecca on Thursday but nothing happened .Montauk point is the Mecca for surf casters like myself .When I picked up my friends (two I hadn't seen since 1967) we headed straight to the point .We were greeted by a 25MPH wind right in your face and 6 ft surf .There wasn't a bird or fish to be seen .
We hit every beach I could access .Climbing cliffs is out till next year .Nothing!!!
We even went as far as buying some frozen bunker and chunking for a few hours .
Finally at around 3 PM I decided that it was time to leave and face the 2 hour trip home Ironically if you look out of Steve's windows across Block Island Sound you can see the water tower on Plum Island .The same one I can see from my house .We figured by water we are only about 15 miles apart .That $100 in boat terms and it cost me about $50 to drive around
What the heck I had the pleasure of sitting in bumper to bumper both ways as I traveled through the beautiful Hampton's .yuck
Anyhow after getting the crap beat out of me for 5 or 6 hrs I arrived home to a similar situation that you can view on the video link I posted.Its been that way for 4 days now .Today there wasn't a parking space anywhere.I went across the street and fished all day long

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