Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anger management

After a long and beautiful Columbus Day weekend that had thousands clogging local roads for hours looking for the Perfect Pumpkin , I decided to stop at the beach and check it out .
By God there were fish every where . I caught three small blues with three casts .I was using my cane as a seat sitting on the boat ramp
A guy pulls up to launch his boat .He was in a hurry to say the least .I was picking up my surf bag and heading toward my truck when he starts beeping his horn .The fish weren't going any where and if they did. he would have run them down any way .The fish were no more than 10 yards off the beach
I said I would move my truck and he kept beeping .That was it .
Before I put my pole in the pole holder on the front of the truck, my lower middle class Irish upbringing showed through and I got a series of expletives off that made a few on the beach stop and turn around .
I moved the truck and he proceeds to launch right into the middle of the blitz on the beach .I didn't look back but I hope a few buck tails hit his boat before he got the damn thing started
Not a good way to start a beautiful day


Frank Yensan said...

Tom, You must relax my friend. If fishing is going to get you all worked up, you might find some other activity to relax you. Might I suggest go and fly a kite. Flying a kite is one of those activities that has no real purpose, but to relax you. It is kind of like catch and release fishing.

crowldawg said...

Frank, It's not the fishing its the fisherman,
Thats why I gave up fishing in a boat a long time ago.I got tired of guys cutting me off and cutting my line
BTW I sent you at least 4 comments last night and they all bounced .I have know idea if its your side or mine .I haven't tried again .Just a heads up