Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm baaack!!

After two weeks of great care at Peconic Bay Medical Center's Orthopedic Rehab Center I arrived home a few days ago . I'm still a bit groggy so I haven't felt like writing .
I'm on a cane and will be for about a month .If I get the necessary approvals I'll be back in time for the Bass/Blue run across the street .If PT goes well I'll be able to carry things and I plan to get back to working on the Globetrotter .
From what they said at the hospital it will be a few months before I can go back to work .
The big danger until I get the health approvals is dislocation . I feel like I should be walking around with my framing square making sure I don't brake 90 degrees at the hip
Frank asked me about the drugs . Well the Rolling Stones and Townes van Zandt both wrote songs extolling the benefits of Morphine .Well they can keep it .After two days I asked to be taken off it .I was hallucinating and that has never been one of my favorite pastimes!! A shot and a beer yes ,hallucinogens no .
Physical therapy starts tomorrow at 9:30 and that will be 3X/week .So the soap opera will continue for at least a few more weeks
Any one need some tomatoes ?


Frank Yensan said...

So glad to hear you are back... I was going to ask you if you need tomatoes. I put up 15 quarts of sauce yesterday. I bet that cane gives you an air of dignity.

crowldawg said...

I don't know about dignity but alot of people open doors for

stillwatersmitty said...

Hi Tom & Pat. So sorry to hear about the hip thing but from what I've heard everyone wishes they'd "done it sooner" Hope you'll be back up and running a.s.a.p. I really missed seeing you two at the Smith's 40th as I know everyone else did.
Enjoy those tomatoes. One can never go wrong. I blender-chop them and put them in ziplocs. Freeze them raw...I don't even bother to cook....then use them whenever...
Hope to see you perhaps at the soup party on 10/18 at the Smith's...Surprise them! As ever, Love Sandie Smith

crowldawg said...

Thanks Sandy . We sure missed everyone at the big 40

bnc4k said...

Hi, My name is Carol, I scoped your blog from Franks( that guy sure does get around). I want to wish you well on the hip...and your airstream restore...mine is killing me. I did get a bit of inspriation from your "15 minutes" of airstream, I tend to put it off because the task seems so huge...15 minutes at a time seems like much more of a goal than an overwhelming defeat. I didn't realize it at the time but I loved 2 of my high school science teachers(earth and biology). you might not know it but there are students out there that think about what you did for them on a daily basis. My dad is a Charter boat captain on the Chesapeake bay, I am soo proud..just wanted to thow that in there...sorry this was so long winded!

nellie said...

Glad you are home UT! good luck with the PT. huh, UT in PT, LOL

crowldawg said...

Thank you one and all for the kind words .I can't wait to get back to all I love and enjoy

Syd said...

Nice to see your up and running. For some strange reason I haven,t turned my personal computer on for days so I hadn't checked you blog. MJ and I are looking forward to our up coming visit. See ya in two weeks