Thursday, August 7, 2008

Half Full,/Half Empty

I could never get that straight .Today I turned 60, but I have had the same feeling my whole life .Summer is over .Shit its the first week in August
When I was a kid it was because school was only 3 weeks away.
The other evening I had that same feelings again . Not because of the upcoming day but because I looked up and the skies where full of swallows
Here on Eastern Long Island they start showing up by the thousands around the first of August . They are the first visible sign that change is in the air. I don't know if they funnel down out of New England and use the twin forks as some navigation aid or what but they show up like clockwork just like in Capistrano .
Most are tree swallows heading south. They line up on all the telephone lines ( I wonder what they did before the lines) They make their little trips out over the marshes and fields filling up with the thousands of mosquitoes that are so prevalent all summer long
They don't stay very long .They are gone by the first week in Sept .Off to places unknown but while they are here they put o quite a show .I'm sure most people don't even notice them but over the years I have seen clouds of then at times.
They are just the beginning of that mass fall migration. I hope I'll be able to walk the beaches when the blues and bass start to show up at the end of Sept.


Syd said...

I have a lot to say but don't know how. So Happy Birthday to a Best Friend.

crowldawg said...

Thanks Syd
40yrs and going strong