Sunday, May 11, 2008

One Small Step for Mankind

Work continues on the Globetrotter albeit at a snails pace now .My friend Charlie finally finished installing the new state of the art converter .I regret I never took a picture of the old univolt. That was DOA in the globetrotter last Sept.
This beauty can sense when the 12 volt battery is low and goes on .The old univolt just ran and ran .
We replaced the old aluminium buss bar with a new one and broke both 12 volt and 110 in to 6 circuits each instead of the original 2 each .Its still a 30 amp service but now I have room to grow . I don't know what I'll add but if The is a need now I have a way.
After we take it on a few 3 amp trips we will decide if a second battery is needed

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