Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Pop

Today my wife and I took a short 100 mile trip to her fathers to celebrate his 89th birthday.This will be his first birthday without his wife of 67 years. Nan passed away in January
Pat and I thought we would take care of some legal business with him and then take him out to lunch
Instead he cooked up some fresh Ling that Gary ,his son, had caught off of Montauk last week .There was plenty of water for me and the family bottle of whiskey for Pat and he. He had his usual shot .I could never figure how to have just one .He knows.
We had a great lunch .
He's chomping at the bit to get out fishing .He was bitching about the new NYS regs for fluke and then went on to continue to complain that his boat was not ready yet .i fanned the flames a bit by telling him that Herbie was killing the blues at Jessups
We had a great afternoon and left with an armful of cod that he said he would never eat.
Happy 89th Pop!!

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