Thursday, March 20, 2008

A short brake II

The MRI results were not very encouraging. The physical therapist the same.I guess I'll just wait to call the MD on Monday to see what the next step is
When I was working on the wiring for the globtrotter everyone I asked said it was a bad ground but few had any solutions. It wasn't till I ( with help) tore apart the undercarriage was I able to solve that problem
Today I got the same feeling regarding my hip. Every one told me that I was wasting my time trying to lose more weight ,exercise,physical therapy
It was all about steroid injections and hip replacement.
I'll know more on Monday


syd said...

I don't know how bad you really feel or who is telling you what. I would do every thing humanly possible before I would have my hip replaced.

crowldawg said...

Believe me I will get plenty of professional opinions before I do anything
I'm just bummed that I may not be able to work any longer .The last thing I want is another desk job.
they don't have too many handicap ramps in Alaska

syd said...

To my dear and good friend. I have just spent several hours listening to Neil Young. The best being Cortez, Cortez. All due to your Blogg.