Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Heading Home

The last few days have been a nightmare. Everything was ordered in a timely fashion at the beginning of the month and like the army we hurried up and then waited .Vinny and I have put about 75 man hours in the last 3 days so we could have it ready to head north. We finished last night around midnight .
I took Vin to the airport at noon and I'm loading the truck and trailer now .Just taking a blog break. Pictures in a few days when I get Internet access again.The cable is going off shortly.
Florida Work Project:Acomplished
Remove belly
5 ft of new frame
New wheels and axle (Came loaded with brakes so they are new as well
Checked all wiring and waste pipe
New belly of Al
All new copper lines for four gas appliances
All wood work stripped and refinished( couldn't get Ash plywood down here so there is still work to be done when we get home
Made new lexan Rock guard
Installed new cork floor inside(salon?)
All gassed up and hooked up and ready to go when we get up tomorrow

BTW if we invaded Iraq to save them from a brutal dictator but we really did it for the oil then Bush and his henchmen FU again .Diesel has gone up $.55/gal in a month.They did not have a price posted for fuel when I filled up this AM but 3 semesters of calculus has taught me that when it cost you $77.00 for 20 gallons,that's almost 4 bucks /gallon .I can't wait till I get home where it probably pushing$5.00
I have owned my truck for 9 years in June. A diesel was the choice because it gets better MPG.I needed a large truck for work, a prius wouldn't do. Now its 4X times more expensive and its cost is rippling throught the economy,I wish I was making 4X more than I was in the last year of the last century.


syd said...

You hit the nail on the head. The paper said our homes with inflation now have the same value as 1944.

crowldawg said...

Also POR-15 and 3 coated the whole chassis