Monday, December 24, 2007

hot water heater

Is wasbling around the driveway today and came across the old hot water heater .I'm too lazy to look up the name .It think its a Bowen /I saved the beautiful chimney that came with this heater and bought another one on the bay.
I have a new Atwood ,3 gal ready to go in
My dilemma is deciding whether to lift the body off the frame and rebuild the chassis .I am thinking about that because I have read too many other peoples blogs regarding the renovation.Any thoughts would be appreciated.
When my sons and I finally got the water working the water poured out of the ignition tube .Obviously one of the previous owners never drained it

The best I can tell is that the original owner was in Michigan.When I bought it from a flipper in N.C. there was a Town of Babylon parking sticker on it .Babylon is about 75 miles west of me I plan to join the Vintage Airstream club ,they may have some info on the vehicle.

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