Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trout Fishing

I love to fly fish .Have since college days and that was a while ago .For a few yrs a bunch of us went up to the Catskills for T & T . Turkey and trout. Most guys were interested in the turkey but rarely the trout .I found myself most afternoons alone.
Its been a few yrs since I journeyed up state to enjoy those beautiful streams so I dropped everything last week made a reservation and headed north for a few days.
It rained every night which helped bring the water up a little but it was a little to warm for the fish.I did get some time in on the streams and actually caught a few ,
Here is a 15 in brown trout I caught on my own fly.I don't carry a camera with me when I fish .I fall to often .My friend snapped this one from a 100 yds away

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Anonymous said...

Alone on a stream that beautiful sounds like perfection. Great photo.