Friday, June 24, 2011

On to the next job.

I think I am almost done . Just knobs



crowldawg said...

Look at the January 2 post to see what it looked like at the start. We were just going to freshen up the kitchen.

TomW said...


While I know you are more experienced at cabinets than me, have someone else verify the to-be-drilled knob holes. I drilled a hole on the hinge side of the door in one set of cabinets even after checking everything a second time.


TomW said...

Unrelated, my first house, built in the early sixties, had no kitchen cabinet door knobs because the bottom edge of the cabinet-grade plywood doors were milled for a finger-hold.

This was great with me because I'm a fundamental minimalist, and nice knobs/pulls always seem to corrode ahead of their depreciation schedule.

I built new cabinets for the subsequent modernized kitchen, and all new doors were constructed like the originals. The new kitchen was perfect for me.

Unfortunately, I fell in love, and sold my bachelor pad to move into "our" house.

I had occasion to visit with the new owners after they had moved in & repainted, etc the place to their liking. There were knobs on every single door.


crowldawg said...

My wife picked out some very beautiful pulls that will go nicely with the doors and moldings.