Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mid June Garden

Because of a wet cool spring ,AGAIN .The vegetables were planted late . It was 90 + for a few days this week. Now the wind is out of the East ( water) and we are barely into the 60's This is the first go round of vegetables.I planted squash ,4 kinds, and cukes this morning as well as a seed bed for late crops.

Have to stay ahead of the weeds.I also snuck in a picture of my berry patch .late raspberries and thorn less blackberries.I appears like two of the black berries have reverted to thorns or they died back to the roots.ARE THEY GRAFTED?


crowldawg said...

Picture 1: tomatoes and peppers
Picture 2: Mesclun .two kinds.Spinach on the right and the carrots and onions are barely making it
Picture 3 eggplants and seed beds for later crops.
Picture 4 : light green ,ever bearing raspberries .Bigger plants in the back thornless blackberries

crowldawg said...

Check that at 4;00 PM it is 59.5F