Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few more weeks

On the 24th I find out if after three months of physical rehab I'll be able to go back to work .The last time I saw the doctor he told me I could do certain things BUT DON'T GO CRAWLING AROUND INSIDE ANY CABINETS .Well that's what I have to do on the trailer.I was at the Orange Big Box yesterday and had to make a major decision COPPER or PEX .As I have stated once before because I have all the tools for copper I'm going that way .It was $100 for 50ft of copper and $100 for each pex tool .The globe trotter has 3 different sizes of copper all of which are somewhere in the garage .The depot sells by the ft for pex but the supply house near me sells only complete rolls .I won't need 300ft anytime soon
When every thing is AOK I'm going to have valves that have either flare or compression fittings .I don't want to be sweating off a valve that might need to be replaced in the middle of nowhere
Whats left of the original pumbing has garden hose patches in at least 3 places.I'm going to go oil up my flaring tool


Frank Yensan said...

real men use copper. You Tom.

Frank Yensan said...

sorry, that should be "you go Tom"

crowldawg said...

50ft roll of 5/8 refrigeration copper. Aka 1/2 plumbers copper is sitting in the back of my truck .That should be enough to get started.
I never wanted to crawl around this bad since I was about 2

utee94 said...

I'm going to hit this stage on my O'lander in a month or two. I'm very interested to see how you do the copper. I'm thinking PEX right now, but I'll let your detailed explanation and plentiful photos on your blog convince me to go copper if you make it look really really easy! :)


crowldawg said...

I'll have photos of the whole thing right down to the burns and blood .lol