Friday, October 3, 2008

Natures Bounty

The other day a friend of mine came over and asked to borrow a couple of scallop dredges from me .There is rumor that we might have a scallop crop for the first time in a decade . When I opened my garage frig this PM and there was a bushel of clams .
Thursday my old college buddy Steve comes over from Montauk where he now lives for part of the year. He had a tupperware container full of Porgies for me .In return I gave him a big bag filled with tomatoes and pears .There isn't much left around here.
My brother just landed from Houston so after a few hours research I decided to make up a small dish to enjoy for tonight. It's my version of a cajun soup that calls for red snapper ,oyters and shrimp .
I have the fish and clams so lets give it a try.
The one picture with the leaf in oil is from my Bay tree


Syd said...

I never knew you had a bay tree.

crowldawg said...

on the deck .goes in the basement in a few weeks .gets enough sun from windows to survive winter.I've had it about 4 yrs .