Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally !!!! but I wasn't there

I went to the beach today around noon, nothing going on .Came home to mow the lawn hopefully for the last time .Battery dead .
Dutch stops by for a while, says he will meet me around dusk . An hour later he calls and says he's been to the beach and caught and released 5 bass .He's going back later .I go back around 3:00 the fish are about a mile up the beach .
I'm having a hard enough time walking around in the sand with the cane that I didn't think I needed .After about an hour I hit a few more beaches .Nada .Go back to Truman's beach which is the only one I don't have to climb stairs coming and going .Just step out of the truck. "It was a the right place but it musta been the wrong time" .I made a few cast .Easy enough .Just practice today

Let's see what happens tomorrow .It's not going to be much of a run this year

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