Wednesday, October 29, 2008

tree frog

Its going to freeze tonight .A very unusual occurrence this early in my neck of the woods
Any how today I brought in all the plants that will not tolerate the 25F that its supposed to go to .They are all sitting in the kitchen right now. There is about 8-10good sized plants .Most will be moved around the house i.e. Boston ferns .The rest will end up in front of the two large windows in my office/study .
The point of all this is somewhere in all that greenery is a frog or a toad calling away .It did start till he warmed up a bit but every 10-20 minutes he is singing me a song
I hope I don't find him in the toilet tomorrow doing the backstroke or worse yet ,face down....

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Finished Project

I used to work


Just clearing out some pictures.This was something I did before the hip went south
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fall figs

I have been bragging about my figs all season long .I don't know where the other photo went but this yellowish white ones are the last of the seasonand deeeelicious
Its getting like winter tommorrow and one of these nights I'm going to get that killing frost that everyone else has gotten.The benefit of living near the water
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Fall treats

These are some of the bluefish that I caught over the weekend and didn't release .I'm smoking them with cherry as I type .Thats the dominant wood on the estate. Another hour or two and it will be done .I freeze some for thanksgiving and pass some out to any one who wants some

Sunday, October 26, 2008

what a difference a few days make

This was montauk today check out Reel

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blitzing blues

I went to the mecca on Thursday but nothing happened .Montauk point is the Mecca for surf casters like myself .When I picked up my friends (two I hadn't seen since 1967) we headed straight to the point .We were greeted by a 25MPH wind right in your face and 6 ft surf .There wasn't a bird or fish to be seen .
We hit every beach I could access .Climbing cliffs is out till next year .Nothing!!!
We even went as far as buying some frozen bunker and chunking for a few hours .
Finally at around 3 PM I decided that it was time to leave and face the 2 hour trip home Ironically if you look out of Steve's windows across Block Island Sound you can see the water tower on Plum Island .The same one I can see from my house .We figured by water we are only about 15 miles apart .That $100 in boat terms and it cost me about $50 to drive around
What the heck I had the pleasure of sitting in bumper to bumper both ways as I traveled through the beautiful Hampton's .yuck
Anyhow after getting the crap beat out of me for 5 or 6 hrs I arrived home to a similar situation that you can view on the video link I posted.Its been that way for 4 days now .Today there wasn't a parking space anywhere.I went across the street and fished all day long

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

gas lights

I saw a picture of one on Franks blog. After a little thought I decided to get one. A chrome one to go with all the stainless steel that will be in the be in the globetrotter .
One small problem if I mount it where Frank has his the doors for the top storage will hit it . Not even clear it. I hope I can mount it a little lower without creating a safety hazard
Come on Doc give me that clearance so I can find out


What would a fisherman in the NE do without them .All I ever here is , there was nothing but blues .
I just spent 2 hrs catching and releasing on barbless hooks .Damn I need a nap after that workout .I still can't figure the big attraction with the money fish ;Striped Bass .They are not as much fun to catch and I'm not real found of eating all those PCB's either

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New AC/heat pump

Earlier in the summer Colin and I replaced the 44 yr old air conditioner with a new combination AC/Heat Pump .When i took the globetrotter to Oneonta in June we used the AC because it was 90+ for a few days .
This morning it was 46 F so I decided to test out the heat pump in the drive to see how well it worked .I can report that as long as the nights don't go below 40 and I have access to 110 we will be as snug as 2 bugs in a rug .
Now I just have to get the propane heater working correctly .It either full blast or nothing
If not I guess I'll have to buck up before we hit the road . I'm just waiting for the surgeon to lift the hip restrictions and then its back to working on the old girl full time before it gets to cold

Friday, October 17, 2008


I prefer to flyfish over every other type . This is poetry in motion and its only the trailer

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This used to be a hard copy, now just this .I find a lot of my music here

Anger management

After a long and beautiful Columbus Day weekend that had thousands clogging local roads for hours looking for the Perfect Pumpkin , I decided to stop at the beach and check it out .
By God there were fish every where . I caught three small blues with three casts .I was using my cane as a seat sitting on the boat ramp
A guy pulls up to launch his boat .He was in a hurry to say the least .I was picking up my surf bag and heading toward my truck when he starts beeping his horn .The fish weren't going any where and if they did. he would have run them down any way .The fish were no more than 10 yards off the beach
I said I would move my truck and he kept beeping .That was it .
Before I put my pole in the pole holder on the front of the truck, my lower middle class Irish upbringing showed through and I got a series of expletives off that made a few on the beach stop and turn around .
I moved the truck and he proceeds to launch right into the middle of the blitz on the beach .I didn't look back but I hope a few buck tails hit his boat before he got the damn thing started
Not a good way to start a beautiful day

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally !!!! but I wasn't there

I went to the beach today around noon, nothing going on .Came home to mow the lawn hopefully for the last time .Battery dead .
Dutch stops by for a while, says he will meet me around dusk . An hour later he calls and says he's been to the beach and caught and released 5 bass .He's going back later .I go back around 3:00 the fish are about a mile up the beach .
I'm having a hard enough time walking around in the sand with the cane that I didn't think I needed .After about an hour I hit a few more beaches .Nada .Go back to Truman's beach which is the only one I don't have to climb stairs coming and going .Just step out of the truck. "It was a the right place but it musta been the wrong time" .I made a few cast .Easy enough .Just practice today

Let's see what happens tomorrow .It's not going to be much of a run this year

Hydrangea Hill

I went for a walk after this mornings rain .When I returned I went around the yard and took a few pictures of the premises. We are supposed to get a few warm days but my sources in Canada says that cold weather in on the way .
Hydrangeas to most people are just that blue snowball plant that everyone seems to have .Maybe its an obsession , at last count we had over 52 different plants in the ground .I write down the varieties but they all seem to disappear,so I can't name all the plants.
In a few weeks this will all be gone and winter will be on its way.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On the Beach

Its not one that I made but its still in the wrapper because nothing has shown up on the beaches yet .I know they are catching fish in deeper water but it looks like another bust year for surfcasting .
We still have a few weeks left but this should be peak beach season .I read on one of my bookmarks that there are tons of fish hitting the beaches in Jersey .I hope I don't have to leave out the Long Island chapter of "The Run " this year

Friday, October 3, 2008

YouTube - Peter Rowan - Tony Rice Cold Rain and Snow

YouTube - Peter Rowan - Tony Rice Cold Rain and Snow

TO QUOTE ONE OF THE VIEWERS .I wish I were a base guitar

Fishing Jones

Fishing Jones

Interesting reading from over at fishing jones .I hope Pete doesn't mind my plagarism

Natures Bounty

The other day a friend of mine came over and asked to borrow a couple of scallop dredges from me .There is rumor that we might have a scallop crop for the first time in a decade . When I opened my garage frig this PM and there was a bushel of clams .
Thursday my old college buddy Steve comes over from Montauk where he now lives for part of the year. He had a tupperware container full of Porgies for me .In return I gave him a big bag filled with tomatoes and pears .There isn't much left around here.
My brother just landed from Houston so after a few hours research I decided to make up a small dish to enjoy for tonight. It's my version of a cajun soup that calls for red snapper ,oyters and shrimp .
I have the fish and clams so lets give it a try.
The one picture with the leaf in oil is from my Bay tree

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Early Fall

A friend emailed today and asked why I'm not blogging .When I returned from the hospital I looked over the blog and I decided that I wouldn't add any thing till I started doing something again .Writing about an injury get old in a hurry.
My rehab is right on schedule .Its just taking me longer than I thought to get back to things .The doctor deep 6ed my annual trip to Maine to go grouse hunting .I guess sitting in a truck post op is hazardous to your health.
I'm getting around with a cane and walking about a mile /day .Bending or kneeling could ruin the whole operation .I go down to my shop every day look at it and the piles of shit growing in there and then walk out .
I moved the Airstream out to the curb because the wild cherry tree it sits under was turning it purple from the bumper crop of cherries .It sits there still waiting for the pipes and wood that will make it self sufficient
We also had a bumper crop of tomatoes ,raspberries ,peaches and pears .Trouble was I was in rehab and my wife was driving 2 hrs a day to watch me sleep.
I started driving last week ."You don't miss your water till your well runs drive" What a pain in the ass it is to be driven around.
I have been going to the beach a couple of times /day .Pete over @fishing jones has video of the blitzes in Montauk .I have not seen a fish break the surface yet .I hear rumour that its happened a few time but I can't vouch for it
All the summer birds have moved on even though a Carolina wren is calling as I type this .It was a splendiferous year for hummingbirds but they left 10 days ago .I did see one for a nano second Mon. after that double hit of Nor'easter /hurricane .Orient sits out in the Atlantic almost a hundred miles we get stuff that mainlanders don't.We had four inches of rain over the weekend
I've been checking every ones blogs .I haven't evaporated into cyberspace. Just haven't had anything to say
Over and out!