Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm baaack!!

After two weeks of great care at Peconic Bay Medical Center's Orthopedic Rehab Center I arrived home a few days ago . I'm still a bit groggy so I haven't felt like writing .
I'm on a cane and will be for about a month .If I get the necessary approvals I'll be back in time for the Bass/Blue run across the street .If PT goes well I'll be able to carry things and I plan to get back to working on the Globetrotter .
From what they said at the hospital it will be a few months before I can go back to work .
The big danger until I get the health approvals is dislocation . I feel like I should be walking around with my framing square making sure I don't brake 90 degrees at the hip
Frank asked me about the drugs . Well the Rolling Stones and Townes van Zandt both wrote songs extolling the benefits of Morphine .Well they can keep it .After two days I asked to be taken off it .I was hallucinating and that has never been one of my favorite pastimes!! A shot and a beer yes ,hallucinogens no .
Physical therapy starts tomorrow at 9:30 and that will be 3X/week .So the soap opera will continue for at least a few more weeks
Any one need some tomatoes ?