Friday, August 22, 2008

off to see the wizard

I'm leaving in about 10 min to finally get that new hip . I'm going to see if they can install a full race cam as well .Then I'll be good for another 100,000 miles. To all out there,keep fishing, polishing , sanding ,picking tomatoes or whatever we have talked about this past year!!!!
I'll be back in a couple of weeks

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I was fiddling trying to edit all my favorite links .One little click on the wrong button and now they are all gone .It will take me awhile to find them all again considering I'm still on my daughters computer .You will all be back soon

looking back/moving forward

Picasa Web Albums - crowldawg - 2008-02-08-17... - IMG_0179.jpg
Its been almost a year since I bought the old Globetrotter on Ebay.Ive lost a half a years work on the ole girl because of my own personal renovation.
I go in the hospital a week from friday for a new left hip . Hopefully I'll be back walking and working in a few months and back on the road with the Globetrotter by mid winter
Lets see where should I go this winter ? lol

After looking at this post a few times I thought I should clarify the picture .It was taken before I took the Airstream to Florida to spend 6 weeks working on the girl . This was before my hip went flat.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Observations

This morning as I looked outside It was like the only creatures that read my last post were the birds . I went out side to asses yet another torrential nocturnal down pour, the woods were full of birds .It was like they came on schedule. The swallows are still flying all over the place. Now I have a few nuthatches in the trees. Going up and down the trunk scouring the bark for small insects .
The wild cherry trees ,which make up most of the canopy are full of those little cherries they make.There were cedar waxwing,catbirds and tons of grackles gorging themselves on the fruit.
The rest of the yard seemed fine .It looked a whole lot better than last Thursday when the garage and car took direct hits from lightning .Half the GFI's in the shop were fried and there is something wrong with the car that they are still trying to diagnose.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Half Full,/Half Empty

I could never get that straight .Today I turned 60, but I have had the same feeling my whole life .Summer is over .Shit its the first week in August
When I was a kid it was because school was only 3 weeks away.
The other evening I had that same feelings again . Not because of the upcoming day but because I looked up and the skies where full of swallows
Here on Eastern Long Island they start showing up by the thousands around the first of August . They are the first visible sign that change is in the air. I don't know if they funnel down out of New England and use the twin forks as some navigation aid or what but they show up like clockwork just like in Capistrano .
Most are tree swallows heading south. They line up on all the telephone lines ( I wonder what they did before the lines) They make their little trips out over the marshes and fields filling up with the thousands of mosquitoes that are so prevalent all summer long
They don't stay very long .They are gone by the first week in Sept .Off to places unknown but while they are here they put o quite a show .I'm sure most people don't even notice them but over the years I have seen clouds of then at times.
They are just the beginning of that mass fall migration. I hope I'll be able to walk the beaches when the blues and bass start to show up at the end of Sept.

What were they smoking ??

After three day and a couple of hundred $ Dell sends me the new hard drive.I don't know what they were referencing but the new drive is about 5 times too big to fit in the old banking port.
The new drive is about 5X5 and about .75 inches thick .The cooked one is about the size of a Razor phone .
We are doing a swap lets see what happens next week
There won't be too many photos until I get the new part .I may try to use Courtey's computer but I start going to the hospital on Mon

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You can't live with them .you can't live without them

My GD computer's hard drive died 2 nights ago. This will be hard drive number 3 thats on its way
I have put thousands of hours on that computer over the last 5 yrs so I don't know if I should curse it or be thankful.
Thanks Courtney for yours while I'm waiting on Mr.Dell .How do you say Dell in Indiaian or Pakistani?
I'm taking suggestions on a new laptop. Who knows when I will need a new one

Friday, August 1, 2008

58 lbs bass

My friend Dutch just stopped by to see how I was doing after the double hernia repair .He told me that some young kid just learning to free dive in the Sluiceway, the body of water between Plum Island and Great Gull Island had the catch of his lifetime .
It wasn't the poundage but the fact that after he surfaced after a drift he notice a lot of splashing near him. As he swam toward the commotion he saw as seal circling a bass .Apparently the seal put a bight or two into the bass .According to Dutch the seal was about the size of the bass .He apparently stunned him .
When the seal saw the diver he bolted leaving the stunned bass floating on the surface The diver picked up the fish and took him home for sale
I know nothing other than what I just relayed to you all .I don't know any more about it .Maybe some of my fisher friend ,bloggers will know more than this to share with us all

Thanks XM

"1. Danko / Manuel - Drive-By Truckers" This is where I found this song Joe