Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leaving in the Morning

I wanted to start the trip back home tomorrow at first light .Well first light is to late . So I will follow on the coats tails of the rush hour and draft my way through Houston around 9:00 . Heading for Natchez,Ms ,from ther We are going to take the Natchez Trace to Nashville .When I get to Nashville I will decide which way to go .I have never seen the western side of the Appalachians,I may go that way .All I want to do is be home by Sunday.
Diesel is on the rise again. Lets see if it hits $5.00/gal before I reach NY

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Catch and Release fishing

I'm sitting down in Texas. The wedding is turning out to be a four day event .This AM as I wait for the household to wake.I do my usual surfing
I don't know who reads this shit if any one, but because all my projects are 1800 miles away, I'll ask a question and see if any one "bites".
What about fishing out of season ? Some people are adamant about it under the heading of catch and release .
Yes I practice catch and release fishing all the time when the species is in season.I know I might be splitting hairs but I think there is a big difference between catching fish all day when in season and putting pressure on the fish all year long and claiming you are letting them go .
Granted this is not always an issue with may salt water species.The seasons are usually set based on when the fish are in our waters. What about the fish that are here year round ? If the law allows catch and release fine but if the season is from April 15 to Dec. 15 ,I don't think one should be out there trying to catch fish days or weeks before the season starts or ends .
I copied this off of the DEC web site,"Taking and Possession of Fish
A person may not fish for a species (not even catch and release) during the closed season for that species on a given water"
I'll always have that image imprinted on my brain of a striped bass I caught years ago "in season" on a diamond jig.It was about 20" long ,24" was the legal limit .It had swallowed the jig and I did everything I could to remove the jig .No luck .It was dead .It also was 4 in. too short, so I threw it back, dead .I wasn't being a boy scout .I was illegal to have undersize fish in one possession.
I'm sure that happens a thousand times a day during the season it shouldn't happen at all out of season.
I'm sure if i get any responses they will argue about choice of gear.Flys ,barbless hooks etc .
I'm the X gillnetter who fly fishes now by choice.

Friday, April 25, 2008

On the Road Again

I'm in Houston without my usual collection of electronic paraphernalia so no pictures .We left a week ago made the 1800 mile trip in 2.5 days .
The airstream was left home .Gated communities don't allow things like that into the subdivision.
There are no signs of oil at $120.00/Ba. I 10 the main east /west highway is 22 lanes wide including the service roads .As they bring in all the stone for the highway by rail they remove the old rails for more highway .Public transportation is not something people talk about around here

Friday, April 18, 2008

Song from Woody

YouTube - Wilco - When the Roses Bloom Again
I saw this documentary about Woody Guthrie the other day "Man in the Sand". This was the best cut from the movie but it never made it to the resulting albums.Wilco and Bragg got rights after this .

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Optimum Online - News - AP News - Giants celebrate 50th anniversary of 1st game San Francisco

Optimum Online - News - AP News - Giants celebrate 50th anniversary of 1st game San Francisco

I can't believe that the Giants abandoned Manhattan 50 yrs ago .I did see them play a few times in the Polo Grounds .I'm too young to have heard the "shot heard round the world" .
Like most New yorkers I have never forgiven them for leaving but then again Baseball no longer makes my list of things to watch let alone do

Monday, April 14, 2008

Striped Bass

The season for this prized fish opens tomorrow .It may be a few weeks before they start to show up around here .I'm still land bound .Have too many unfinished projects and one is still my 19 ft dory skiff .I'll put a few rods in the truck and check out a few road ends in the bay .They won't be in the sound off the beach for a month or two.
It will be interesting to read a few blogs tomorrow to see where (if) the fish showed up any where.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The walk to work

This is my walk to the shop .It really looks good this time of year.Just beyond are the airstream and the friut trees.

New gauchos

They were custom made for the coach .New cushions and covers . Now they have to be taken out and stored so I can put in the new plumbing and repair all the deteriorated woodwork

My fruit trees

I've had fruit trees for 30 years or so .I planted these when we built the house in 1988. Over the years they produced some great fruit but I ignored them for about 10 yrs. About 5 yrs ago with renewed vigor i started to replace the dead ones and slowly prune back the overgrown trees to a manageable size .I also became interested in a form of intensive fruit culture called Backyard Orchard Culture.This morning I finally finished pruning the trees .I even got a coat of dormant oil on the trees . At last count I have 20 tress.ranging in age from 23 to 2 yrs .Hopefully to produce for many years to come
I save the trimmings in a pile way out in the back.That way I have a limited supply of fruit wood to make my "locally" famous smoked bluefish. I have also used some of the larger limbs to "turn" new handles for my growing collection of old chisels.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

April is the creulest month

T.S.Eloit ,said that once and I'm sure in another context but I don't think he ever lived on the east end of Long Island. What makes this such a great place for growing things ,especially potatoes is the fact that we have so many frost free days .I used to know the number but I can't find it. It's about 200 days .
The rest of the east coast has had their early plants bloom and go already .Out hear the forsythia is just starting to bloom .
The main reason for this is the water .I'm sure the bays are in the low 40's .The wind has been blowing from the S.E directly off of the ocean .We won't get any frosts for a while but when that wind blows the air is going to be what ever the water temp is .
It was down right miserable outside today .Yesterday when the sun finally came out it was beautiful .Today I had my heaviest winter coat on .The dampness was just cutting through me .

Hummingbird II

Just checked the link I posted a few weeks ago . Someone has sighted one of these little beauties along the Delaware River along the Pa . NY border .I just cleaned out the feeders and hung them up hoping to get a glimpse of one on their trip North

Actually the Dirty Garage has some pretty nice gardens around it and I get Hummingbirds on and off all season long .I really don't know if there is a season but I get them none the less

Last year I had 3 coming every day for about 2 weeks .I saw all three at the same time

Below each feeder and around the deck we plant quite a few hummingbird friendly flowers. For now they will have to forage for themselves looking for those early spring blooms .The feeders are more for me than the birds ,I'm sure

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

spring peeper - definition of spring peeper by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

spring peeper - definition of spring peeper by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

Spring Peepers

The pond behind the house came alive tonight with the mating call of one of the smallest frogs in North America .There has been the occasional peep for about a week but tonight,they came alive. The sound is almost deafening .

There is a strong wind blowing and I can still hear them as I type .

I remember years ago going out with Judd Bennett looking for these little buggers .I was surprised how small they were. About 2 inches . So much noise from such little guys!

They will call for about a month and then disappear for another year.
The only other time I give them a thought is during dry years the pond can dry up and the herons and egrets come in and gorge themselves for days on they little guys .Its like the proverbial shooting frogs in a barrel