Monday, March 10, 2008

The blank palate

This is the beginnig of the next phase .I would number it but have lost count.
I didn't bother to post the gauchos that are in pieces( they are in a previous post),the new plumbing to be installed.There are also the new stainless tops and sink .The floors are in .The vinyl has been scrubbed and rescrubbed . Now I just have to order some new ASH plywood and we would have a start toward completion minus the bathroom
I have to call Mills and Co. for a final cushion measurement


syd said...

Bottom picture. Is that a shower stall in the back ground? How much fresh water do you carry and when your on the road were do you replenish?

crowldawg said...

It is a shower with a toilet in it.The first picture of the front of the trailer shows that green tank .I haven't measured it yet but I think its a 25 gallon tank .There are two ways to fill it .There is a spout in the front of the trailer and when I plumb it,I can fill it from the street water connection
So to answer your second question any where I find water