Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the birds

I have been remiss in writing about the birds here ,I'm staying on the Gulf of Mexico and there are abundant flats around us at low tide .The canals create a barrier for me to get any closer than I have . With the help of a spotting scope and binoculars I have seem most of the major wading birds in North America. Heron's, ibis, storks, egrets are all over the place
In the morning there is a roving band of wood stork that wander around the neighborhood poking into every ones lawn .
I have seen a few osprey .I sometimes wonder where they are heading .They should be back on their nests in Orient about a week after I return .
There is no way of telling if these are one and the same birds
I almost forgot the pelicans. Across the street there is a natual creek linked directly with the Gulf . The dolphins come in and herd up the mullet at low tide .They circle and circle, closer and closer, before the dolphins can gorge themselves ,the pelicans are jumping in for a free meal

I keep checking the creeks for fish but nothing to speak about yet

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