Monday, December 24, 2007

My other Vintage trailer

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This was one of my first attempts at wood turning,I made it from wood heading to the dumpster from one of my son Ian's projects.The head is greenheart which is one of the species that the local government allows to be put in the bay as a pile .The handle is IPE also known as Brazilian walnut .Both are extremely weather resistant .But I don't think they are going to be available for long at the rate they are cutting it down in South America.
Not the easiest wood to turn .It was rock hard when I started this little project.It weighs about 3 pounds

hot water heater

Is wasbling around the driveway today and came across the old hot water heater .I'm too lazy to look up the name .It think its a Bowen /I saved the beautiful chimney that came with this heater and bought another one on the bay.
I have a new Atwood ,3 gal ready to go in
My dilemma is deciding whether to lift the body off the frame and rebuild the chassis .I am thinking about that because I have read too many other peoples blogs regarding the renovation.Any thoughts would be appreciated.
When my sons and I finally got the water working the water poured out of the ignition tube .Obviously one of the previous owners never drained it

The best I can tell is that the original owner was in Michigan.When I bought it from a flipper in N.C. there was a Town of Babylon parking sticker on it .Babylon is about 75 miles west of me I plan to join the Vintage Airstream club ,they may have some info on the vehicle.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Not bad looking for a 1933 Anderson window .These were the newest windows in the house. They had window weights.
Not that any one can see but these are one of the few windows in town with mahogony window sills .I had a bunch of wood that I took out of a rotted deck from another job .The wood was useless for decking ,but a little planeing ,gluing and sanding and they were good to goas sills
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This is what most of the windows looked like when the job started.30 coats of paint .The widows suffered years of abuse and most were painted closed There was a total of 23 windows to fix
You might ask yourself Why not replace them? the original part of the house has wallpaper over plaster .the wall paper could not be matched and the owner didn't want to deal with the tons of plaster that would have to be removed .Not to mention the dust !
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Lastest job

This is the last phase of the complete restorationof a 1768 home owned by Ms.Karen Lund in Southold . Phase 3 involved the replacinc all the rot in the origial building ,restoring the windows and the new siding and trim
The front of the building was a cooperative effort between the owner and this blogger
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Alaskan home among other things

A few photos of 1966 globetrotter .I've gotten all the appliances running and cleaned up .We have removed all the old asbestos tiles .The interior will be completely replaced but will follow old floor plan .
I have wanted an Airstream since college. i bought this to finally see the USA. the first trip is planned for Alaska . we plan to leave in June and finally for the first time in my life I don't know when we are coming back. I have 6 months to finish it
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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Like every other blogger ,I would like to share my interests ,family and friends .I plan to add as things come along and then try to organize and make some sense of it all.
Feel free to add to anything and we shall see what direction we end up going